Twin Pregnancy

All I heard about leading up to my pregnancy was how so many women loved their pregnancy, and how they just glowed during those nine months. Fast forward to my pregnancy. The only glowing I did was sweat from dry heaving. I had a ROUGH pregnancy. I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarium aka severe morning sickness that lasts all day and all nine months of your pregnancy. I had the sweetest students during my pregnancy who doted on me and made sure I was taking it easy, which is hard when you teach Kindergarten. Around 16 weeks I had to be hospitalized for a week due to dehydration. Luckily, after this the nausea wasn’t as intense. It never fully went away, but it was much easier to maintain.

Twin pregnancy can be scary. We had a lot of appointments, ultrasounds and specialists in charge of our precious cargo. At around 23 weeks we discovered Baby B was falling behind on her growth. This caused quite a panic and more doctors visits. Throughout the pregnancy she continued to gain weight, but was always smaller. Then, around 36 weeks she fell below the 2 percentile and we had to have an Emergency C-Section. Luckily everyone was healthy. Baby A had some small lung issues and stayed in the nursery for a few hours, but overall we were happy, healthy and NERVOUS! Looking back on my pregnancy and how sick, uncomfortable and swollen I was makes me realize it was all worth it and I would do it a thousand times over.

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Hi, my name is Lauren.


My name is Lauren. I live in a small town in Missouri called Poplar Bluff. My husband and I both were raised here and gave birth to our twin girls – Harper and Audrey, in November 2017. We moved to St Louis, MO in 2013, but missed our hometown roots and moved back in January of 2015. My husband was a Mechanical Engineer, but is now using this knowledge as a small business owner. I am a stay at home mom, but had a career as a Kindergarten teacher. I have my bachelors in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and a Masters in Administration. Being a teacher for over five years, and now being a twin mom has given me a lot of knowledge about kiddos! Most of my writing will be about twin mom life, but I also enjoy creating and sharing activities that anyone could use, and offering teacher insights.

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